Learn 6 Steps and 3 Secrets to Devops Mastery

Evolution of a Devops Expert

Know which Skills Matter in 2023

Learn to create your own Devops Career Roadmap

My 3 Secrets to Succeed in a Devops Profession

My Method

ShuHaRi Method to Devops Mastery


Folllow! Begin by building a Solid Foundation by Following the Roadmap, Courses and the Teachings.


Digress ! Start experimenting and digressing from the teaching by experiential learning. Labs, exercises. 


Master ! Start building capabilities to apply the skills. Doing projects is the best way to achieve mastery. 

World's Leading Devops Trainer

Learn directly from the Devops Trainer, Gourav Shah, who has helped thousands of IT professionals from the world's top organisations to master Devops Skills. He has authored official devops courses for Linux Foundation, and is also published on edX. Gourav is a open source enthusiast turned devops consultant and a trainer, husband of a loving wife, and father of twin boys. He is on a mission to help a million IT professionals to master Devops Skills using his unique ShuHaRimethod married with project based approach. 









Devops Scorecard

During the Webinar, I am going to show you a simple and effective way to measure your readiness to be a Devops Engineer by creating your own DSE (Devops Self Evaluation) Scorecard.

Where do you stand to succeed in Devops Career

What are the Skills you know, how much

What are your Weaknesses that you need to focus on

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will this session be and what all will be covered?

This interactive webinar will go on for about 90 minutes. Gourav has a very powerful way to share complex concepts in a very simple way. You will learn all the aspects on how to plan, launch and grow a successful devops career in the next 120 days.

Is this webinar only for operations folks ? I am a Developer/QA.

No! Even though we have many operations professionals who attend this to get on to devops career and its most relevant for them, even if you are a developers or a qa, you would still benefit in your career by mastering some of the devops skills. 

How should I prepare myself before the webinar?

If you are really serious about becoming a devops professional, bookmark your calendar and attend the webinar from start to finish without any distractions. Make sure you are sitting in a quiet place with a notepad, pen, and paper handy. 

Can a fresher also become a Devops Professional ?

While Devops Engineer and SRE roles demand experience, and rightly so, Its possible to get started as entry level positions a Cloud Engineer, a Devops Associate or a System Engineer. Gourav would be explainging the career roadmaps for all. 

How much money can I earn as a Devops Professional?

This varies from person to person, based on their knowledge, experience, and level of commitment to implementation. There are some people that have not earned anything in spite of having all the knowledge, and there are many who have made lakhs and crores of rupees within a few months.

Will you be offering any paid programs in the webinar?

Yes. Gourav will talk about the membership into the School of Devops community at the end of the webinar. If you resonate with this concept and wish to continue on the learning journey, you can grab the special offer that will be given only in the webinar.